Mindful relationship habits - Part I by SJ Scott and B Davenport

 Most love relationships do stall or falter after the initial infatuation phase. This is the time when irritations with your partner start to show up and your own insecurities and past wound begin to seep through the perfect facade you present to one another in early days. Irritations can turn into misunderstandings, hurt feelings, resentments, arguments, inattention and disconnection. It is at this stage of disconnection that couples have the greatest opportunity for personal growth and happiness - through the practice of relationship mindfulness. Mindfulness simply means to pay attention, be present, be engaged, be aware, and be conscious. When you apply these behaviors to your relationship, it can only grow stronger and more joyful. By developing and strengthening mindful relationship habits that used to come so naturally years ago, you can reignite feelings and build a healthier, happier and sexier relationship with your partner. 

How to build mindful relationship habits:

1. Focus only on relationship habits

2. Commit to one habit for 30 days

3. Anchor your mindful practices to established habits

4. Pick a time for your relationship habit

5. Take baby steps

6. Plan for your obstacles

7. Create accountability for your relationship habits

8. Reward mindful milestones.

From the excellent book Mindful Relationship Habits by Scott and Davenport.



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October 13, 2019

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