Mindful relationship habits - Part II by SJ Scott and B Davenport

The authors suggest 25 habits to strengthen and excite your relationship. They are:

1. Prioritize your relationship with meetings

2. Learn emotional intelligence

3. Create a relationship vision

4. Lead with respect and kindness

5. Practice acceptance of your partner

6. Cherish your partner

7. Touch often

8. Connect and engage daily

9. Create shared rituals

10. Practice vulnerability

11. Become an expert of your partner

12: Embrace your love languages

13. Heal hurts quickly

14. Initiate productive conflict

15 Develop active listening

16. Practice empathy

17. Use "I fell" instead of "You"

18. Drop the "buts"

19. Learn to be mindfully direct

20. Manage your anger constructively

21. Learn how to apologize mindfully

22. Spice up your sex life

23. Practice playfulness

24. Disconnect from digital devices

25. Learn to love yourself

From the book Mindful Relationship Habits by Scott and Davenport



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October 13, 2019

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