It's Grief - the dance of self-discovery through trauma and loss. Book by Edy Nathan.

This is a new book that comes with excellent recommendations. We tend to run away from pain, not grieving small and big hurts, and unknowingly carrying these hurts with us throughout life.  The sooner we can deal with grief after a painful event, the better. This is a read for all who are interested in living a more present, connected and spiritual life.


"We are in a particular kind of culture that affects how we think and act. It is a culture shaped by our technological advances and everyday electronic tools.

We become like our machines and think of ourselves mechanically. But sometimes we are forced into an awareness of the psyche, as in grief, when the pain is so severe that we search everywhere for an effective way to understand it and deal with it.

Grief brings us back to consider those things that really matter and to search ourselves for meaning and comfort.

To allow grief to give us back our souls, we have to find room in ourselves and the courage and tenacity to hold it. We become deeper persons, more human, more directly acquainted with the emotions.

Embracing grief can give you back your soul so that you are more human, more connected to your world and motivated to live more fully. "



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October 13, 2019

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