What can you expect from therapy?

I am here to help you achieve your goals.

Initial steps:

After you request an initial appointment by phone, texting or email, I will contact you to set up a brief phone call. This will be a courtesy call for us to talk about your goals and my services. If we decide we could work effectively as a team, we will set up the initial sessions and you will receive a link to my online confidential client portal to complete the necessary paperwork before our first session. If I do not think I have the expertise to support you, I will do my best to refer you to another competent therapist.


The first sessions will be Intake sessions (either in-person or online). Intake sessions will allow us to look at your concerns in a comprehensive manner and decide how to better move ahead towards your goals.  For individual adults, there will be 1-2 intake sessions, for couples, there will be 3-4 (joint and individual ones). Intake sessions are very informative for all involved, help raise personal and relational awareness, and can be, to a certain extent, comforting. Your goals will be confirmed and we will discuss how I can best support you. A "strategic therapeutic plan" will be defined to help you achieve your goals. This plan will be tailored to each client/couple.


We will initially meet weekly to get momentum toward your desired changes. If you live out of town, we can do the sessions online, or we can have in-person intensive sessions (2 h) every other week. The length of therapy varies greatly, depending on the issue at hand and the couple's commitment and effort; in most cases, therapy lasts from 6-12 months. Cases that involve deeper trauma may take longer and require a referral to a specialist, but tend to resolve well with time.

Our work together:

In general, clients come to therapy because they feel stuck and/or are tired of feeling blamed or blaming others for their relationship and sexual issues. We will work as a team towards your desired changes. I will provide you a supporting environment by listening to your concerns and goals, promoting introspection and re-evaluation, sharing information, and giving you homework (for real life application.

You can count on my dedication, compassion, respect, and updated knowledge. I will count on your commitment to the process, including punctuality, transparency, and participation in sessions and homework. We will measure our progress regularly. My hope is always to help you achieve your goals sooner than later, and this will depend significantly on your availability and commitment. It takes dedicated team effort to succeed. You can count on my support. 



Appointment times are saved especially for you and I prepare for our sessions accordingly. So please remember this whenever a situation arises that may prevent you from attending any session. Cancellations are due 48 hours in advance, otherwise the full fee will be charged for the missed session. An emergency may be considered at my discretion. Thank you for following this policy.


Please carefully read the Therapy Agreement and Notice of Private Practices that you will receive through the client portal. It contains detailed information that will define how we will work together.

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