What to expect from a Spiritual Coaching Session

Spiritual coaching is the practice of working together as fellow travelers in a journey that leads to a deeper relationship with our spiritual source (God, the Divine, Nature). It is felt by many as a search for personal spiritual growth.

Sessions can occur in-person, by phone or online, and either once or twice a month, depending on your preference.

At the beginning of a session, we will create a sacred space together by lightning a scent-free candle, saying a prayer or staying in silence. In an in-person session, tea and water will then be offered. 

Once we both feel grounded, we will start the conversation about any topic of your choice. We may talk about life situations, existential issues, spiritual crises, spiritual books, among others.  Everything will be explored from a spiritual perspective. I will listen to you and may ask questions or suggest spiritual practices to help you deepen your reflection on the topic..

The session will end with a final reflection about our conversation followed by silence or a spoken prayer.  The session dynamic can be adjusted to your preferences. 




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